Allied Store

Meet our strategic alliances
Here you will find information about each of our allies; With them you can acquire products and services that support the development and environmental support, as well as social.



Pioneer in ecological design and ephemeral architecture, using cardboard as raw material. We are the new innovation alternative in the world of events, because we take advantage of the properties that this lightweight but resistant material has, being sustainable in our processes; We use certified materials, which allow us to be ecological from start to finish, creating clean products and without using resources, this makes us an eco-sustainable company.


We are the app that connects your tastes and beauty needs, with a professional in your home; We unite the human sense, with development and innovation.


Cultivate the land at home has never been so easy thanks to Paqua. We are a sustainable initiative that makes possible your garden at home, on your balcony, your terrace, your garden, your community, your neighborhood, your company, your life. Eat healthy with Paqua.