Have you ever bought a dress or suit for just one night? Or a few hours?

Regardless if it was for a wedding or any celebration, we all have a space dedicated to those garments that at some point made us shine and today, they are doomed to die in our closet. Repeat is not an option!

It is right there, where we think:  Why not Rent or Sell?

From this, born  Préstame Tu Armario an alternative that seeks to make profitable those garments that were worn only once, providing more friendly clothing options not only with our pocket, but with the environment.



Buy less and extend the life cycle of your clothes.


Generate new sources of income helping the planet and others.


Convert a liability into an asset.

How much do we pollute?

about Half a Million tons of plastic microfibers are thrown into the ocean during textile washing every year.

The fashion industry is responsible for producing 20% of global wastewater.


Did you know that the textile industry represents   10% of global carbon emissions, being the second most polluting after oil? In addition, it is responsible for 20% of global wastewater.

For this and more, we say NOT TO THE CLOTHES OF A SINGLE USE!


Join this cause! 

Thus, not only do you get and help others obtain incredible clothes, but you also generate a more sustainable and friendly culture of consumption with the planet.